Lumens A71P High Definition Video Camera schwarz

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Produktnummer: LU-VC-A71PB
Produktinformationen "Lumens A71P High Definition Video Camera schwarz"
Advanced UltraHD pan tilt and zoom camera with 12G-SDI, IP, and HDMI outputs. Lumens VC-A71P is a broadcast-quality UHD PTZ camera. Paired with a low distortion professional zoom lens, the camera's large (1/1.8") CMOS sensor produces superb 4K and HD results. Its excellent color reproduction and 12G-SDI output mean it's a great choice for productions where image quality is of the highest importance. The VC-A71P is a practical solution for broadcasting, video production, lecture recording and live events.
Auflösung: 4K / 60 fps
Videooutput: 12G-SDI / HDMI 2.0 / Ethernet / USB 3.0
Zoom: 30x optical
Farbe: Schwarz
Garantie auf das Produkt: 5 Jahre